ASA 2021: the year of the restart

17 January 2022 - Corporate -

/node/2349+20% of turnover compared with the record year 2018; a significant implementation in the number of devices produced and distributed worldwide for the Human and Vet sectors; a busy schedule of training activities carried out remotely and in person; an international award for a new device, as expression of the best Italian industrial design: ASA ends the year by laying solid foundations for a challenging 2022

Last November represented the record month in the history of ASA which, having set aside 2021 with its highly positive results, is aiming towards new projects, the result of an unprecedented season. 

The company closes the year with a turnover of over 13 million, registering a significant +20% compared with 2018, the second excellent season for the company. A result which the "ASA Lean" project also contributed to, and which led the company to implement a One-Piece-Flow system in the assembly and testing phases of its laser therapy devices, making it a study case for the Master in Lean Management organised by the CUOA Business School. 

Leading the recovery, after the annus horribilis of the pandemic, were first of all the therapeutic solutions for the Human sector (75%), with MLS® Laser Therapy as the leader, followed by Hilterapia® and Qs Magnetotherapy.

The veterinary segment, equal to 25% of ASA activities, also gave very encouraging signals, thanks to the presentation of a new device, M-VET, awarded with the prestigious ADI Design Index 2021, dedicated to the preselection of products for the Compasso d'Oro ADI 2022 Award and the National Award for Innovation. M-VET is the synthesis of the scientific and technological know-how of over thirty years of ASA Research and Development and of the attention that the company has always paid to design and aesthetics, the symbols of the best "Made in Italy" in a worldwide key. 

An Italian spirit that ASA exports all over the globe, as is evidenced by the turnover figures relating to international sales which include the US, Italy and South Korea on the podium. 
A clear sign of the global dimension of the Veneto company, part of the El.En. Group, also comes from training, which includes virtual refresher meetings, round tables with sector specialists, training service, remote and face-to-face courses and webinars for both loyal customers and potential ones. It was precisely remote training that played a significant role in 2021 in terms of numbers (over 70) and feedback. A clear example of this is the in-depth course (divided into 4 sessions) organised for the Indonesian market under the patronage of the Indonesian Veterinary Association, which involved a thousand participants! The year that has just ended also marked the resumption of both "face-to face school" - with 43 courses - and of trips beyond the border for commercial purposes (in Europe, Saudi Arabia and Latin America). 

“It has been a very intense year, which owes a great deal of its results, even higher than expectations, to our 54 collaborators and to the support of El.En. Group, which we have been part of since 2003. With them we share not only the "numbers" of this season, but above all the vision and the priorities, starting with attention towards sustainability, which earned El.En. the inclusion in the 150 companies listed in "Leaders of Sustainability 2021" by the German company Statista in collaboration with il Sole 24 Ore. From these foundations we are building the next projects, increasingly devoted to internationalisation with a virtuous approach to sustainable governance”, explains Roberto Marchesini, General Manager ASA.

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