ASA: M-VET selected for the ADI Design Index 2021

28 October 2021 - Corporate -

The MLS® laser therapy device dedicated to animal health was chosen by the Permanent Design Observatory of the Association for Industrial Design, for publication in the ADI Design Index 2021. A prestigious recognition that is also a preparatory step for the Compasso d’Oro award and the National Award for Innovation.

International success for M-VET, chosen by the Permanent Design Observatory of the ADI (Association for Industrial Design) for publication in the ADI Design Index 2021, second volume of the two-year cycle that gathers the pre-selected products for the Compasso d’Oro ADI Award 2022.

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MVET - ADI Design Index 2021

The device, synthesis of the scientific and technological know-how of over thirty years of ASA Research and Development, in addition to receiving certifications of its therapeutic efficacy from professionals in the veterinary sector, also obtains significant appreciation for its design. The ADI Design Index is not only the most prestigious recognition of the production and design quality of goods, services, processes, and systems of Italian design, but also a vehicle for the National Award for Innovation: three products identified by the Association for Industrial Design from those published on the ADI Design Index compete among the nominees.

‘We are proud that our device received acclaim not only from the veterinary world for the results it achieves, but also for the design behind it. This element is indeed a further strength of the device, as it helps define its identity and recognizability. A non-secondary trait, especially when combined with its therapeutic value, a mix of innovation and research: M-VET enhances the benefits of the MLS® synchronized impulse using an optical fibre technology that conveys energy packages of higher intensity inside the tissues in total safety,’ explains Roberto Marchesini, ASA’s General Manager.

Precisely the innovative aspects of M-VET, the field in which it is employed, and the need to offer users an agile tool for carrying out their activity, are what inspired AMV Design in the study of its lines, shape, and materials. Paolo Varotto, Design and Engineering Manager, co-founder of AMV Design, confirmed it:

‘The inspiration came from the thought of giving an organic and ergonomic shape to the product, which would appear as a single protective body, inside and out, designed to contain all the required features. However, the design of M-VET would also have to highlight the strengths of the device, in particular its sense of protection and lightness, to be harmonized with a large display, with a soft and monolithic shape. The goal to achieve was clear: creating a unique product capable of breaking the mould.’

A result that was achieved thanks also to a careful selection of materials:

‘We decided to use a light, elastic, shockproof material that would at the same time be sufficiently solid to contain and protect the technological heart placed inside it. Thanks to this choice we could save space, weight, and enormously reduce the number of components in the assembly phase. I believe that the ability to convey a high perception of a technological and advanced content enclosed within simple and unusual shapes may be the basis of the selection for the ADI Design Index.’

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ADI Design Index 2021 - Marchesini & Varotto

A recognition that, in addition to its objective value, also has other merits, being an expression of the best ‘Made in Italy’ from a global perspective.

Each ASA device aims to be the synthesis of technological and therapeutic efficacy and design and aesthetics: Italian Industrial Design is an internationally recognized excellence and being able to be ambassadors thanks to this device is a true privilege,’ concludes Marchesini.

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