How many MLS® Laser Therapy treatments do you need to do to get the desired results?

Generally, the number of MLS® Laser Therapy treatments varies from 5 to 10. The choice is made based on the clinical phase and the severity of the pathology. On average, acute pathologies require a limited number of treatments, while chronic ones require more applications.

How often should treatments be done?

Depending on the clinical phase and the type of pathology it is recommended to apply MLS® Laser Therapy every day or every other day for the first week and scale down the number of sessions in the weeks after that:

  • Ex. 1 1st week: 5 treatments; 2nd week: 3 treatments; 3rd week: 2 treatments;
  • Ex. 2 1st week: 3 treatments; 2nd week: 2 treatments; 3rd week: 1 treatment.

The final decision on the parameters, frequency, and number of treatments is in any case up to the specialist who, knowing the pathology, the characteristics of the patient, and evaluating their response during the treatment cycle, can implement a therapy that is as customized as possible.

What is the duration of each treatment?

The duration of treatments generally varies from 5 to 10 minutes depending on the pathology. Changes in treatment time can occur depending on the characteristics and phototype of the patient and the size of the treatment area. In this case too it is the specialist who has to decide.

How is MLS® Laser Therapy applied?
  • by physical contact using a handpiece usable for points or manual scanning
  • by fixed pointing through the use of a multidiodic applicator with target area of 5 cm in diameter
  • in multitarget mode using a robotized multidiodic head with target area of 5 cm in diameter, able to automatically cover large areas, up to 900 cm2
Is it possible to apply MLS® Laser Therapy even in the presence of prostheses and osteosynthesis devices?

Yes, it is possible to apply the treatment with MLS® Laser Therapy but it is advisable to treat mainly the surrounding area, avoiding direct irradiation.

What are the immediate effects of applying MLS® Laser Therapy to the patient?

Pain relief is noticeable from the very first applications.

What does the patient feel during treatment?

MLS® Laser Therapy is not invasive, it is totally painless and well tolerated. During the treatment the patient can at most perceive a slight and pleasant sensation of heat.

Does MLS® Laser Therapy application have contraindications?

In the application of MLS® Laser Therapy the only absolute contraindication is the irradiation of the eyes and periocular areas, as the laser light can cause serious lesions to the internal structures of these organs. For this reason, during the treatment phase, operators, patients, and anyone passing through the therapy application area must always wear the laser protective goggles supplied with the device.
The application is also contraindicated in some particular conditions: during pregnancy, in the presence of active bleeding, in patients who have taken photosensitizing drugs, and in the presence of neoplasms.
The therapy should be applied with extreme caution to the areas above growth plates and to diabetic patients.
The complete list of contraindications is always present in the device manual. In any case, the application of laser therapy must always be evaluated by the specialist who follows the patient and who knows in detail the clinical conditions.
The complete list of contraindications is always present in the device manual. In any case, the application of laser therapy must always be evaluated by the specialist who follows the patient and who knows in detail the clinical conditions.

Can patients with piercings and/or tattoos undergo MLS® Laser Therapy?

Yes, of course, but the affected areas should never be treated directly, as the piercing reflects the Laser radiation with the possible danger of undesired exposure; while the black or coloured pigments of tattoos absorb energy strongly with the consequent risk of inducing thermal damage or inflammatory effects on the skin. Maximum attention must be paid even in the case of removed tattoos, as a certain amount of ink remains in the subcutaneous layers and can still cause undesirable effects.

Can it be used on acupuncture points?

Yes, as it produces an effect comparable to the stimulus caused by the needle. The Mphi 75 model is equipped with a light guide for laser puncture.

Are there maintenance treatments?

Depending on the pathology and the clinical evaluation of the patient, the specialist can recommend maintenance treatments to be applied throughout the year.

Can MLS® Laser Therapy be used together with other physical and/or pharmacological therapies?

Yes, it can be used both in combination with physical and manual therapies, and as monotherapy. Combination with NSAIDs is possible after medical evaluation.