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I love running - ASAlaser
Blog - 25/09/2020
Premise: running, other than being a panacea to free your mind from an overbooking of thoughts, allowing you to burn even 1000 calories per hour, is considered a ‘must’ to reactivate the metabolism...
ASA laser therapy workshop - Taiwan, August 2020
News - 25/08/2020
This important sign of restarting begins in Taiwan with an initiative involving laser therapy doctors and specialists at the forefront.
ESPRM Virtual Congress 2020
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ESPRM Virtual Congress 2020
19 - 23 September 2020
Belgrade, Serbia
Francisco Marquez using M6 laser device
Combining therapies for an even faster and more effective resolution of specific pathologies: ASA has developed its therapeutic solutions to this end, and when correctly combined, they have proven to...