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MLS laser treatment for footpain
Blog - 03/03/2021
Laser therapy helps to ‘not fall behind’: by generating biochemical reactions and vasodilation and increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients, it facilitates the resolution of the inflammatory...
M6 laser & pain management
News - 21/01/2021
“Following our direct experience, we confirm the conclusions reached in America in relation to the value of MLS® for treating interstitial pneumonia caused by the virus. Its action consists in...
Webinar | MLS for pain management post COVID19
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Laserterapia MLS® Robotizada para el manejo y rehabilitación del dolor en pacientes post-covid: casos clínicos exitosos
25 Februaryo 2021
Mexico - Online
Francisco Marquez using M6 laser device
Combining therapies for an even faster and more effective resolution of specific pathologies: ASA has developed its therapeutic solutions to this end, and when correctly combined, they have proven to...