MLS Laser for muskuloskeletal disorders
Research - 14/10/2019
MLS® Laser Therapy, an effective technique for reducing pain, thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects
Magnetotherapy in peripheral nerves
Research - 10/10/2019
Identifying new strategies to promote nerve regeneration in the peripheral nervous system is a leading issue for modern neuroscientific research, which has identified magnetotherapy as a possible...
Hilterapia calcaneal spur treatment
Research - 19/09/2019
A recent study conducted on 42 patients affected by calcaneal spur confirms that the use of Hilterapia® significantly improves plantar support, also acting on pain reduction thanks to the...
Research - 03/09/2019
A new valuable acknowledgement for ASA’s magnetotherapy: a study underlines that it can be safely used to treat cervical hernias in addition to conventional therapeutic methods.
Therapies - 29/08/2019
Getting back on the road when the muscles throw a fit and the pain accelerates? Thanks to laser therapy you can! Easy(er) life for motorcyclists who deal with tendinopathies, tendinitis, and back...
Therapies - 23/07/2019
The young and the old, sportsmen and women as well as sedentary people, whether 20 year or 60 years old, suffer from this: knee pain is an across-the-board disorder which affects 70% of people at...