Disc herniation
Therapies - 09/01/2020
Laser therapy has proved to be a useful aid in the treatment of hernia pain, both at a cervical level and at the lumbar one.
ASA laser therapy treatment for Tennis elbow
Therapies - 09/01/2020
Laser therapy has proved to be an important technique in the treatment of epicondylitis, both for its effect on pain and for its ability to promote functional recovery.
Laser therapy for ankle and knee sprains
Therapies - 19/12/2019
Laser therapy in particular has proved to be an effective tool in the treatment of both cervical sprains and sprains on the lower limbs (knee and ankle).
Doubt between ndyag laser and diode
Therapies - 10/12/2019
For an informed approach, a key priority is to investigate how a laser works, what is meant by laser sources and what types are currently on the market, comparing these in order to outline the...
Laser Therapy for low back pain
Therapies - 15/11/2019
15 million Italians are sufferers; with no distinction of age, gender or physical condition: lumbago is one of the issues which most impacts society as it causes 75%-85% of workplace absences.
Therapies - 13/11/2019
The magnetotherapy & sports duo therefore represents a successful partnership with a positive impact on the athlete’s performance and on his/her well-being.