Hilterapia for ACL treatment and rehabilitation
Therapies - 21/10/2021
Undergoing Hilterapia® sessions, in particular, is confirmed useful on a preventive basis, especially when you feel a small muscle or joint discomfort which can be a warning for more serious...
Before and After MLS Laser Therapy - Diabetic foot ulcer
Research - 12/10/2021
After having been tried and widely used for treating wounds with appreciable results, MLS® Laser Therapy with the MiS device provided positive results also when treating a chronic diabetic ulcer.
Before and After MLS Laser Therapy
Research - 12/10/2021
Used as a complementary treatment to standard drug therapy, MLS® alleviates acute inflammatory events caused by an excessive production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and favours pulmonary functional...
MLS laser treatment for kneepain
Therapies - 04/10/2021
Thanks to its photo-bio-stimulating power, the effect of the Laser Therapy contributed to significantly reducing recovery times, as is also confirmed by several scientific studies.
AAOS practice guideline knee osteoarthritis
Therapies - 22/09/2021
This therapy can be concretely effective for treating both acute and chronic knee pain, as it reduces the inflammation and leads to faster healing, in addition to promoting tissue regrowth and to...
Research - 15/09/2021
The results of this study allow defining the neuroprotective mechanisms of the laser therapy carried out by MLS-MiS, to highlight its anti-inflammatory effect and to underline its potential benefit...