Neuropatic pain
Research - 05/02/2024
The clinical research* conducted by Dr. Yosifova, as published in the Journal of IMAB, highlights the promising role of ASA's M6 robotic laser in mitigating neuropathic pain associated with diabetic...
Il potere curativo della laserterapia ad alta intensità per la Paralisi di Bell
Research - 08/11/2023
Researchers at Cairo University conducted a study to evaluate the impact of Hilterapia® on facial muscle mobility in patients with chronic Bell's Palsy (≥ 6 months).
HIRO 3.0 Hilterapia back laser treatment
Research - 03/10/2023
Osteoporosis is recognised as a major public health problem due to its close association with fractures in individuals over the age of 50, with potentially serious physical and psychological...
Europe - Ph. credit christian-lue
Corporate - 18/09/2023
The European Union Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR) is a comprehensive regulatory framework that aims to strengthen patient safety and ensure the effectiveness of Medical Devices marketed in the EU.
Epicondylitis - HIRO TT laser treatment
Research - 12/09/2023
The research presents the results of a randomised controlled trial aiming to evaluate the efficacy of two different laser therapies in the treatment of lateral epicondylitis.
World Physio Therapy Day 2023
Corporate - 01/09/2023
How to treat arthritis by acting on inflammation and managing the patient's pain with effective results: this is the theme of the 2023 edition of World PT Day (8 September).