ASA, a successful case history for the CUOA Master in Lean Management

09 December 2021 - Corporate -

“Last July, the “ASA Lean” case study was the focus of one of the lessons of the sixteenth edition of the Master in Lean Management organised by the CUOA Business School. This was an important recognition of the value of our project, which was further confirmed during a second lesson dedicated to our case”.

Roberto Marchesini – General Manager ASA – thus comments the choice of the CUOA Business School to involve the company once again in its training path, divided into theoretical and practical sessions focused on applying the Lean methods.

In addition to concretely analysing concepts such as Visual Stream Mapping, Kanban and Milk Run, participants were able to visualise the steps that led ASA to implementing a One-Piece-Flow system during the assembly and testing phases of its laser therapy devices, thanks to the continuous collaboration with our Lean Partner Sintesia.

A process that leads the company to minimising wastefulness with the final aim of eliminating it.

“Once again hosting the students of the CUOA Master, a reference body for Lean Management issues for 15 years, was exciting because it allowed us to make available our experience to those wishing to concretely understand the theory learned during their studies. Precisely these moments of discussion and sharing –Matteo Da Soghe, Facility Manager ASA – explains, allow embracing the new and getting to the heart of often complex issues, finding the right solutions to solve these”.

A radical process, which not only implies a revision of the modus operandi, but also of the working culture.

“It is no coincidence that the word Lean is placed side by side with the word philosophy or thought, identifying it first of all as the set of principles, ideas and beliefs on which to base corporate management. I believe that the practical demonstration of our experience – Bruno Gastaldon, Manufacturing & Logistic Manager ASA, specifies – is not only motivating and inspirational for the Master students, but also an example for all companies wishing to embark on a Lean Transformation process”.

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