Research, production, shared knowledge.

ASA has been working since 1983 to be the international point of reference in laser therapy and magnetotherapy for multidisciplinary uses: from physiotherapy to rehabilitation, from muscle and joint pain management to sports medicine, to veterinary medicine (ASAveterinary: veterinary division of ASA founded in 2009).

ASA means specialization – in the development of therapeutic solutions based on laser sources and magnetic fields – and above all research, reliable and open, connection between science and product manufacturing.

The research activity interprets and stimulates the evolution of laser therapy and magnetotherapy; produces and distributes specific culture through publications, participation in international conferences, collaborations with universities and research institutes, public and private; incorporates clinical studies and feedback. It therefore allows the development of effective medical devices, tested according to strict procedures and protocols.

A story of passion, commitment, talent.

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Because excellence
is not an opinion

Searching for quality, true quality that needs no adjectives, for us is a true positive obsession, an extraordinary, inexhaustible propeller.

This is why we have perfected production methods and processes that factually make ASA the first “certifying authority” of its own products.

The Quality of the ASA System is also certified by the TÜV SÜD product service of Monaco (ISO 13485:2016), TÜV SÜD AMERICA (ISO 13485:2016), and TÜV SÜD Italia (ISO 9001:2015).

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