How many Magnetotherapy treatments do you need to do to get the desired results?

Generally, the number of Magnetotherapy treatments varies from 8 to 15, carried out over a month. The choice is made based on the clinical phase, the type, and severity of the pathology. In any case, the complex clinical and global evaluation of the patient remains the basis for medical prescription.

What is the duration of a Magnetotherapy treatment?

The duration of Magnetotherapy treatments in daily outpatient practice varies from 20 to 30 minutes depending on the pathology; such durations are a reasonable compromise to obtain a significant effect without subjecting the patient to very long sessions. Longer exposures, even of a few hours, may be recommended for the treatment of some osteoarticular pathologies, in particular to act on delays in fracture sealing.
The final decision on the exposure duration is in any case up to the doctor who, based on his clinical experience and the characteristics of the patient, can implement a customized therapy.

How is Magnetotherapy applied with ASA devices?

ASA has adopted solutions that allow different application methods depending on the pathology and the anatomical area to treat, allowing both localized and Total Body treatments.
For a more targeted therapy, flexible applicators are used that adapt to all the surfaces of the body, allowing the treatment of both joints and larger areas.
The Total Body treatment is done through large sliding solenoids (80cm) placed on a special bed to facilitate, for example, the slowing down of the loss of bone mineral substance due to osteoporosis.

What kind of magnetic fields are used in the therapeutic field?

Magnetic fields applied in magnetotherapy can be static or pulsed. Pulsed magnetic fields at very low frequency and low intensity, called ELF, like those emitted by ASA devices, are clinically more effective, as confirmed by the extensive bibliography on the subject.

For which therapeutic indications is Magnetotherapy particularly indicated?

Magnetotherapy is widely used in the medical-therapeutic field, however the main indications are for pathologies involving osteoarticular and neuromuscular tissues, vascular problems, and tissue repair.

What are the main contraindications in the application of Magnetotherapy?

The precautions and contraindications are very few and clearly identifiable, respecting absolute contraindications, i.e. the presence of cardiac pace-makers or insulin pumps or other implantable electromedical devices. Patients wearing hearing aids should remove them during treatment. Although there is no experimental data on the subject, treatment for people with neoplasms and pregnant women is always advised against.
Treatment is not recommended for patients with unstable medical conditions (infectious diseases in the acute phase, ongoing bleeding, heart failure, very debilitating clinical conditions, etc.), which should always be evaluated by a doctor.

Can Magnetotherapy produce side effects, possibly long-term?

To our knowledge, with ASA’s Magnetotherapy devices, no undesirable side effects have ever been found on patients either during or after treatment.
The literature that reports any side effects of magnetic fields comparable to those generated by ASA devices is limited and generally cites, as a transient and reversible effect, a ‘hypersensitivity’ to the treatment, which manifests itself as a headache, nausea, recurrence of pain, and insomnia.
It is also important to underline that the studies in progress to evaluate possible long-term negative effects of electromagnetic fields mainly concern the continuous exposure over time (as it occurs in some professional fields) and refer to environmental electromagnetic fields whose parameters are significantly different from the parameters used in the very low frequency and low intensity therapeutic treatments.

Can Magnetotherapy be applied in the presence of metal prostheses or osteosynthesis devices?

Yes. Magnetotherapy can be used, after specialized evaluation, even in the presence of orthopaedic braces, casts, or external and internal fixation devices, including joint prostheses.

What are the beneficial effects of Magnetotherapy and when do they begin?

Depending on the pathology and the patient’s subjective response, the benefits can be immediate, they can be noticeable after a few sessions, and in some cases even 2 weeks after the end of the treatment cycle. The biological response triggered by the Magnetotherapy may in fact take longer to highlight the therapeutic benefits.

Can Magnetotherapy be used in combination with other physical therapies?

Yes. In particular we recommend the use of ELF Magnetic Fields in combination with ASA laser therapy.