The artist warehouseman: Cristian Cristofari
19 December 2023
During his daily routine, Cristian never fails to incorporate his creativity: painting, music and sketching express his artistic soul, which has managed to find inspiration also in ASA.
Silvia Vitulo - ASA specialist
13 November 2023
Silvia Vitulo has contributed to the design, development and production of every ASA device. Silvia, a biomedical engineer and an ASA Product Specialist, is at the forefront of the process that leads...
Assoc. Prof. Ilia Todorov, MD, PhD and MiS device
04 October 2023
I am proud to be an ASA trainer, because I am truly convinced that the devices work and help people. I enjoy the opportunity to meet with colleagues from all over the world and to discuss and work...
ASA Engineering Manager
19 April 2022
In recent years, ASA has changed significantly, demonstrating great flexibility and an objective ability to evolve in terms of organization, documentation, communication, and synchronization between...
Juan José Bernal - EsportMedicine
21 September 2021
I believe that a doctor who wants to give the best to their patients and who aims to reach the top of their knowledge and technology has no other choice.
Piast Gliwice - MLS laser treatment
21 December 2020
We have the equipment, that is highly intuitive to use and what we have noticed is that its usage, accelerates the recovery from injuries