Corporate - 2023
The Confindustria Vicenzia – Industria Vicentina – magazine highlights the important milestone achieved by ASA.
Corporate - 2023
An important milestone for the Veneto company which, through its therapies, aims to restore the best physical condition and quality of life to the "human" and "veterinary" patient. A history of all-...
Corporate - 2023
A new commercial partnership for ASA which relies on Theralando as its official distributor for the German and Austrian market in the human segment of physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation for...
Therapies - 2023
Its effectiveness in reducing pain, the unique features on the market and its total safety are some of the aspects of Hilterapia® outlined during a report by TGCOM24
Research - 2023
Can wounds be healed in space? The answer is provided by the experiment “Suture in Space”, in which ASA played a leading role.
Corporate - 2022
ASAcampus is once again at the frontline for the second step of the experiment “Suture in Space”, which aims to study the repair mechanisms of tissues and the healing of wounds in the absence of...