Hilterapia® is effective for treating myofascial trigger points

24 August 2020 - Research -

Can Hilterapia® combined with progressive pressure release technique (PPRT) and with physical exercise targeting the myofascial trigger points in the upper trapezius muscle improve the condition of patients with myofascial syndrome?

A positive answer is provided by a recent research - Pulsed Nd:YAG laser combined with progressive pressure release in the treatment of cervical myofascial pain syndrome: a randomized control trial –conducted on 50 patients divided into two groups. 
During the assessment of specific parameters (VAS, pressure pain threshold, cervical motion range), both panel groups – the first consisting of patients undergoing Hilterapia® and PPRT and the second Hilt® without emission and progressive pressure release technique, ed. note – showed a significant improvement.

The results after 4 weeks with 3 sessions every 7 days, showed that the therapy with PPRT and physical exercise, alone or combined with laser, is effective in treating active myofascial trigger points in patients with myofascial syndrome. It was also noted that the effect was more significant in the group treated with Hilterapia® compared with the control group.

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