Hilterapia® and pain management of the Tietze syndrome

24 April 2020 - Research -

Rare disease characterized by chest pain and swelling of the upper rib cartilages, the Tietze syndrome is a rather aggressive pathology that causes malformation of the affected areas and very strong pain capable of compromising the patient’s lucidity.

The clinical case

A recent case history reported by physiotherapist Valentina Rivetti – ‘Management of Tietze syndrome pain with Hilterapia®’ – describes how the application of Hilterapia® in a young patient suffering from this pathology has allowed better pain management, facilitating the recovery of her quality of life. After 9 sessions with ASA’s therapeutic solution, the girl, previously already unsuccessfully treated with pharmacological and physical therapy, stopped feeling pain symptoms entirely and the absence of pain persisted 40 days after the end of the treatment.

This result has allowed her to return to her daily activities.

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