Hilterapia® is effective in treating nerve lesion

06 April 2020 - Research -

New research confirms the effectiveness of Hilterapia® for treating numerous disorders in the neurological field as well.

An animal study acknowledges this (Dose-dependent effect of the pulsed Nd:YAG laser in the treatment of crushed sciatic nerve in Wister rats: an experimental model): the therapy was in fact applied to 180 rats – divided into 5 groups – suffering from nerve lesion, which underwent 5 treatments every 7 days with 3 different energy levels: 4, 10 e 50 J/cm2, for 3 weeks.

The results were positive: the Hilterapia® treatment of the “traumatic lesion of the sciatic nerve in rats” significantly improved the functional recovery and signal transmission parameters of the rodents with traumatic-type peripheral nerve lesion at all the doses tested.
The research also went further, by verifying that the positive improvement of the rats’ condition was time- and dose-dependent.

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