An interview with Grzegorz Biliński, a physiotherapist of Piast Gliwice


Does the current pandemic situation affect the regularity of training or increase the risk of injury? How does it influence the functioning of the team and the disposition of the players?
The situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic has quite a negative impact on the team's work in many respects. Disturbed periodization has a negative influence on a certain "training rhythm", and thus on the physical and mental disposition of the players. This creates a potential risk of injury, which is not helped by the fact, that  because of sanitary and epidemiological reasons, the access to wellness care is quite limited.

How can the club help its players minimize the risk?
Most of all, through good organization of work, which allows to minimize the effects of the pandemic situation and helps the team regain a sense of "normality". We have training facilities, an equipment used for stimulating muscle training, and on the other hand - devices used for regeneration, as those should always go hand in hand. We are able to choose the appropriate load by constant monitoring of the player, and we can offer them a muscle or nervous regeneration at the same time.

What is the use of the equipment from the club's partner, Meden-Inmed, which remains at the disposal of the club's medical staff?
We use the equipment not only for a treatment, but also for prophylaxis, in which biological regeneration plays a key role.

You are working with modern and highly multifunctional equipment, including the ASALASER high-intensity laser. What are its greatest advantages in therapy?
I would say, that non-contact and automated work during therapy. Nowadays, it is not only a safe form of a therapy, yet, it also a recommended one. We have the equipment that uses various physical factors, such as generating warming up of deep tissues, which is so called tecar therapy. What is more, we can also use light therapies or a laser that accelerates muscle regeneration at the whole tissue level. We have at our disposal the equipment that uses cold and compression therapy.

What activities or possibilities resulting from the use of these devices are most helpful for the club doctor?
Versatility, because we can actually use it in any case. Physiotherapy helps with supporting the natural healing of the body. We attach great importance to prevention, which is why we focus not only on exercise, but also on regeneration. To this you can add regularity, and good access to the equipment. High awareness of the staff and the players is a very important factor in this process as well.
We have the equipment, that is highly intuitive to use and what we have noticed is that its usage, accelerates the recovery from injuries. We have also seen an increased effectiveness in preventing injuries. Due to the multifaceted influence of, for instance, high-intensity laser on blood vessels, we have observed the effect of accelerated tissue regeneration. We've also achieved quite good results in the process of healing wounds, which are much more common in sports medicine than you might expect. The anti-swelling effect helps the players to return faster after both contact and non-contact injuries.

Is Piast Gliwice club at the forefront of the league in terms of the quality and effectiveness of medical care due to its knowledge and equipment?
I don't want to sound presumptuous, but the answer is yes. I believe, that we are at the forefront of such a ranking. We keep our feet on the ground and apply what has been reliably proven. We use the Evidence Based Medicine approach, which basically means, that we use what actually works without wasting any time on certain things. Such an approach  is highly important as sometimes we have a lot of work to do, and due to the amount of cases that we are dealing with at the time, precisely tailored actions are extremely significant.
I would say, that the work of the medical department is still underestimated, although what can be seen on the example of Piast Gliwice club, it is constantly changing. I believe, that it is worth investing in prevention, because it does not only bring great benefits, yet it has a positive impact on the economy as well  - if a leading player falls out due to an injury and they are excluded from the game, then both the player and the team lose a lot, as they cannot count on their help in matches. I also see the dependence of the decision to transfer to the club upon the quality of medical care. Certainly, part of the decision to choose the club you want to sing a contract with, depends on the back-up of the team.

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