Hilterapia®: the therapy with the “WOW! effect”


octor Valentina Rivetti, a physiotherapist and owner of the “Centro Virola” in the province of Brescia was “born into the trade”, as she acquired a passion for her father’s profession, a physiotherapist too, who worked for years with a professional football club.
Precisely the exchange with him led to the first approach with Hilterapia®, whose use in her professional practice meant a considerable change – for the better – in her activity.

“The decision to include Hilterapia® among the therapeutic solutions available to my customers was a well thought out one, but it has certainly become the best choice I have ever made! Effective, with rapid application and results and reliable in terms of safety, ASA’s therapy offers that something extra in order to solve particularly demanding cases, allowing me to untangle complex situations for which finding the ideal therapy is difficult”. 

In your experience, what is the feature that makes it different from the other laser therapies available on the market?
Definitely the immediate pain relief effect that I have renamed the “wow effect”! Hilterapia®’s ability to provide very fast relief for acute and invalidating symptoms is its primary value. By using it for a wide range of cases, I have been able to concretely verify this, thereby realising that I was dealing with a remarkable therapy as it is able to make the difference in order to successfully treat patients’ issues.
Hilterapia® provides fast and concrete assistance in recovering the best physical shape.

Are there any specific pathologies where you think you have achieved significant results precisely thanks to its use?
For example, it has been excellent for its pain-relief and anti-inflammatory effect in shoulder pathologies, rotor cuff tendinopathies. It has also been extremely valuable for acute muscle lesions, thanks to the great tissue repair capability.

In addition to a positive effect for the patient, has the use of Hilterapia® had a positive effect on your profession also?
Certainly, since I began using it my profession has also benefited. Specifically, I am thinking of the long-term effect it guarantees: by treating, healing and removing pain, Hilterapia® fully meets the rehabilitation project that is conceived at the beginning of treatment, sometimes also allowing us to reduce recovery times.
A patient who feels well is our greatest satisfaction, as this allows us to achieve our primary objective: to heal. 

Do you remember a particular case as an example?
I recently treated a 17-year old girl patient who suffers from Tietze syndrome, a rather aggressive pathology which affects the sternum and the first costal cartilages of the hemithorax, causing malformation of the affected areas and acute pain which compromise the patient’s clear thinking. The girl arrived at my Centre exhausted by the pain which she had been suffering from for months without a solution, despite undergoing several physical and pharmacological therapies, without success. Aware that there is no cure for her disease, I suggested a series of sessions with Hilterapia®: a “test” and a challenge for me too, as there are no specific therapeutic protocols for this syndrome.
By treating her day after day, we reached extraordinary results which finally meant the girl felt decidedly better. I can’t say that I have healed her to date, but I can certainly state that we have found a method to keep the pain under check.

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