ENERGY FOR HEALTH: 20th issue for the magazine made in ASAcampus

24 April 2020 - Research -

The 20th issue of the scientific magazine written by ASAcampus ‘Energy for Health’ is entirely dedicated to Laser Therapy.
Of the four published studies, three cover the use of the therapy on humans and one in the veterinary field.

Specifically, the first article concerns a clinical study that demonstrates the efficacy of MLS® therapy combined with the use of a dental guard to reduce the painful symptoms associated with temporomandibular disorders, while the second one is a case report with interesting evidence about the positive effects of Hilterapia® for pain management in a young patient suffering from Tietze syndrome.
The third article focuses on a report concerning the clinical experience recorded in two different Italian physiotherapy centres with the use of HIRO TT, certifying its effectiveness in the treatment of various conditions characterizing musculoskeletal pathologies.
Finally, the first 2020 edition of the publication closes with a study carried out by veterinarians that supports the use of MLS® laserpuncture as a valid therapeutic resource in the treatment of various behavioural disorders in dogs.

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