ASA 2020: a year marked by training

09 December 2020 - Corporate -

Over 160 webinars focused on the use of therapies in the human and veterinary field with the involvement of about 10,000 users and more than 100 activities to support the sales force: in a year characterised by the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, ASA has been investing in training by promoting a live & digital mix formula which shortens distances and offers opportunities for professional growth.

360 degree training for collaborators, distributors and customers: ASA’s 2020 focuses on training, making it the key tool to stay in touch with its contact people, partners, collaborators and, at the same time, to transmit knowledge and new information functional to improving professionalism.

A busy schedule made up of webinars, educational meetings on the use of new tools, round tables, live and on-demand demos, remote seminars, has allowed the company and its therapies (MLS® Laser Therapy, Hilterapia® and Qs Magnetotherapy) to continue to "travel" around the world, throughout the year.

More than 160 activities (including virtual conferences, customised lessons, web meetings) dedicated to customers and professionals interested in learning more about ASA's therapeutic solutions in the Human and Vet sectors, have involved about 10,000 people who were able to start or continue a training course for the best use of the therapies.

In parallel, more than 100 actions were organised to support the sales force around the world, with the objective of maintaining strong ties and of developing new strategies ready for 2021: commercial checkpoints, business plans, planning, refresh training courses have thus become ongoing appointments for Human and Vet distributors, who were also involved in transnational networking sessions that connected them regardless of the country of origin. The “in the field” exchange of experiences resulting from the different locations around the world has led to significant opportunities for comparison, useful for establishing new growth opportunities for the company.

Digitisation has thus become the priority channel of internationalisation, a constant key development element for ASA, currently present in over 80 countries around the world.

The COVID-19 emergency and the new rules imposed to keep its spread under control have therefore become an opportunity to draw up new paradigms for the company’s evolution, centred on human and technological factors.

A challenge that involved ASA's Human and Veterinary divisions in the front line, additionally engaged in developing new presentation formulas for in-depth studies and lessons. The result was a “web & live” format which, by mixing live remote training entrusted to corporate trainers with in-person experiences led by international Field Application Specialists, generated a valuable mix thanks to its ease of use and to the sharing of information.

“In a complex historical period in which social distancing has determined an inevitable slowdown in activities and a review of our relationships - says Roberto Marchesini, General Manager - we made a commitment to continue to support those who work with us and those who have chosen us. We have confirmed our presence by offering opportunities for professional growth, aware that the future will always involve improving knowledge and skills. Our therapies aim to promote the well-being of the patient but also to allow the evolution of the professional's activity, who can always rely on high-performance and safe devices”.

Products such as M8, M6, Mphi 75.5 and Mphi 5 for MLS® Laser Therapy and Easy Qs and PMT Qs for Magnetotherapy are operator-independent devices and only require setting the parameters and supervising the session, which takes place totally independently without any contact, thus avoiding possible situations of infection.

An essential safety element, as COVID-19 has taught us, against which MLS® Laser Therapy has been successfully tested. Indeed, Dr Scott Sigman, an orthopaedic surgeon from Massachusetts, used it in a clinical trial to treat interstitial pneumonia in some patients affected by the virus who, after having undergone MLS® therapy, reported a significant improvement of several basic parameters (respiratory indices, radiological results, oxygen requirement) for several days and without the need for a ventilator. Other studies are still in progress and further research and verifications will be developed in 2021 to prove their validity.

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