Mexico: in depth analysis of MLS® at FEMEFI

27 October 2020 - Trade fairs & Congresses -

The COVID-19 emergency has led to the suspension of fairs and congresses in South America too, where meetings of primary importance for the world of physiotherapy have been either postponed or carried out online. This is the case of the 2020 edition of the “FEMEFI international congress of physiotherapy” in León.

During the course of the virtual meeting, which was also attended by ASA’s local distributor (Equipos Interferenciales), the various speeches included one given by Francisco Màrquez (LFT at Innergy Advanced Physiotherapy and Osteopathy) which focused on “High-power laser treatment for sports injuries” (“Tratamiento con láser de alta potencia en lesiones deportivas”), which highlighted the efficacy of MLS® Laser Therapy in dealing with issues linked to physical activity.

“During his analysis – Karla Salazar, ASA’s Export Sales Manager explains – after spotlighting the physiological effects of the MLS® Laser Therapy, Màrquez also outlined the types of pathology in the world of sports for which the therapy is useful and functional for full recovery. At the same time, he underlined how MLS® provides actual benefits in tackling musculo-skeletal pathologies, concluding that being able to count on this support within the clinic provides a multilevel advantage”.

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