Thailand: in the classroom together with MLS®

29 March 2021 - Training -

Two universities, two lectio magistralis, one protagonist: MLS® Laser Therapy and its devices of excellence. The two lectures were hosted by the University of Phayao in northern Thailand and by the Srinakharinwirot University in Bangkok, universities of recognised value in their country.

The Phayao Institute kicked off the calendar of meetings where, on 9th March, Thidarat Tophol - Product Specialist of IMS (Integrated Medical Service), ASA's local partner – extensively presented the M6 robotic system, providing participants with functional indications for its best use, both operational and to apply the therapy.

“This same type of meeting - explains Giacomo Granozio, ASA’s Export Area Manager - was held last year: this new meeting represents an update designed to offer our interlocutors further comparison material and to give them the opportunity to banish any doubt or to obtain clarifications”.

On the other hand, the focus speech given by Sakonlawat Sundam of IMS and designed for the Faculty of Physical Therapy in Bangkok, where 4th year students were able to receive useful information in order to learn about the advantages of the therapeutic solution, concentrated on the theoretical explanation of MLS® Laser Therapy.

“The goal was to make them understand that MLS® can be a valid partner in their daily business, focusing on those innovative aspects that favour their work”.

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