Czech Republic: COVID-19 patients treated with MLS®

21 January 2021 - Research -

Doctor Scott Sigman’s (an orthopaedic surgeon in Massachusetts) successful experience in using MLS® Laser Therapy in a clinical trial to treat interstitial pneumonia caused by COVID-19 has become a reference point. The significant improvement in some basic parameters (respiratory indexes, radiological results, oxygen demand) observed by the American doctor in patients who underwent MLS® sessions, have also been reported by the COVID unit of the Kolin Hospital, in Bohemia.

Indeed, the doctors at the facility decided to use ASA’s M6 device on some patients suffering from the virus, with a more than encouraging outcome.

“After seeing the remarkable results obtained by our Massachusetts colleagues when using MLS® for treating pneumonia caused by COVID-19 –Lukáš Cibulka, the chief physician, explains – we decided that some of our cases should undergo this therapy: to date, we have treated 26 patients and seen a marked improvement for 24 of these. An evident benefit was also had by patients hospitalised for over a month, who were able to be discharged and to continue with home care after applying the protocol which includes some sessions with MLS®”.

Radiological exams to verify the lung status highlighted that after the laser therapy sessions, a substantial remission of the inflammatory alterations in the two organs and, in parallel, an improvement of the patient’s clinical picture were seen.

“Following our direct experience, we confirm the conclusions reached in America in relation to the value of MLS® for treating interstitial pneumonia caused by the virus. Its action consists in reducing the progress of the tissue inflammation, with consequences also on the pulmonary fibrotization”.

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