New entries and new roles: ASA invests in human resources

13 November 2023 - Corporate -

With a view to corporate development and with the aim of achieving new sales and quality goals in the service offered, ASA adds two new resources to its staff to strengthen the Sales and After-Sales Area.

Cinzia Pacini, called to cover the position of EMEA Sales Manager for the "human segment" with the aim of further developing the current network and of activating new markets of interest, and Gian Matteo Siviero, as Technical Customer Service Manager, are joining our staff. Siviero, who has a solid experience in the after-sales sector with a focus on the creation and management of processes, now has the task of contributing to improve the quality of ASA services for partners and customers all over the world.

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#asapeople - Pacini, Siviero. Terruzzi, Fera

The new entries go hand in hand with a review of the company organisation chart: In fact, Roberto Terruzzi takes on the role of EMEA Sales Manager for the "veterinary segment", remaining responsible for the current countries being managed, to which several others will be added from January 2024, when he will also be responsible for coordinating the activities of the current Area Managers. Last but not least, Terruzzi will also deal with opening new markets for the Vet sector, while, for the human division, he will continue to follow some countries that have him as a contact. Finally, a change of destination for Alberto Fera who will take on the role of USA/CA Area Manager for both company segments starting from the new year.

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