ASA and El.En staff together for the Company's 40th anniversary

06 November 2023 - Corporate -

“We are particularly proud to have hosted all ASA colleagues for a whole day at El.En. to celebrate the Company's first 40 years. ASA is one of our flagships and, together, we have written some of the history of modern medicine based on the use of laser light in human and veterinary medicine. The Company's love of science is once of its key assets and has resulted in the development of countless health and wellness benefits for people and animals. In fact, doctors and patients who use ASA technologies have chosen devices that promote healthier living and achieve tangible results, both in terms of solving major problems, including neuropathies, and in terms of tissue regeneration, also in the field of traumas and sports. Last but not least, ASA is a hotbed of talents capable of tackling any market challenge”.

This was stated by Paolo Salvadeo, General Manager of EI.En, at the end of the day organised to celebrate the milestone reached by the Arcugnano-based Company.
In fact, it was precisely the Calenzano (Florence) headquarters of the multinational Company that hosted the ASA staff, involving them in a series of activities aimed at bringing the two teams together.

Thanks to an immersive Factory Tour, opportunities dedicated to the use of lasers in the aesthetic, industrial and artistic fields, and a specific focus on the creation of CO2 laser sources, the visit to the group leader's premises represented a pleasant opportunity to shorten the distance between all employees.
The employees were also invited to face each other in a series of table football challenges, during which 3 ASA teams played against 3 EI.En teams.

“This meeting – commented Damiano Guidolin, ASA General Manager - represented a milestone in the calendar of celebrations for our 40th anniversary, because it allowed us all to really feel part of a single group that pursues the same goals and shares approaches and visions”.

ASA’s birthday was further emphasised by a plaque specially made for the event and handed over by Paolo Salvadeo and Andrea Cangioli (CEO of the EI.En. Group) to Guidolin.

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