The perfect symphony at ASA: people & products

21 June 2023 - Corporate -

The value of a company is the result of a harmony of factors that by bringing together people and products generate virtuous cycles from which the talent of each person and the effectiveness of their actions emerge. A symphony over several levels which can be appreciated in the development of therapies whose distinctive feature is their simultaneity: the first that comes to mind is the patented MLS® pulse, the result of the synchronised union between two emissions, continuous and pulsed, which are responsible for the harmonious effect of MLS® Laser Therapy.

This is well known by many ASA collaborators who, regardless of the position they hold, have made music their passion and laser therapy the main musical note of their profession: there’s Jay, an acoustic guitar virtuoso, Stefano, whose vocation is the drums, Massimo, whose leisure time is devoted to guitar, Flavio, who combines corporate strategy with choral singing and the organ and Fabiola, whose penchant for numbers coexists with her penchant for the notes of the cello.

Each one agrees that the concept of harmony can transcend the world of music to become a key factor for implementing successful projects.

Testo a Sinistra
Immagine 30%/Testo 60%
Stefano - ASApeople

Stefano confirm this: “A common intent, a shared goal, respect not just professionally, but personally among all members of the group and taking into consideration the ideas and needs of others are the underlying bedrock of harmony, both at work and in music. Should just one of these be lacking, the groove is jarring. My attempts to search for this harmony, as bumbling as they may perhaps be, are however constant and continuous”.

In addition to perseverance, dialogue functional for the best operation is also helped by a willingness to listen and to proactively understand those who have different visions.

Testo a Destra
Immagine 30%/Testo 60%
Flavio - ASApeople

Flavio is convinced of this and underlines: “my aim is to establish an empathetic contact with my counterpart, to understand reasons and ideas, always striving to find a common element. To make a comparison with an orchestra, I try to establish harmony, and to best make music with my department, I try to be a good violinist first, rather than a first violin. It is the whole that gives most impact to the melody”.

Massimo, who promotes politeness and availability towards the pillars of cohabitation and interaction with colleagues, also believes in the value of harmony as the indispensable condition to favour peaceful professional settings.

Testo a Sinistra
Immagine 30%/Testo 60%
Massimo - ASApeople

To avoid hitting a wrong note, often responsible for misunderstandings and friction, I use a calm and placid tone of voice, I pay attention to my facial expression which I try to keep relaxed when talking with the people I work with. Most of all, if required, I am available to lend a hand by making my skills available”.

An orchestrated teamwork, where the skills of the individual become a capital for the group and the intuitions springing from discussions pave the way for new arrangements.

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