MLS®: training in the UK continues

21 January 2020 - Training -

Customers and prospective customers took part in the second training session organised by ASA together with Celtic SMR, its UK partner, which focused on MLS®.

The training session (18th January, at the Sidi Physio Ltd Centre, Surrey) was held by company staff with the collaboration of physiotherapist Paul Sidi, owner of the host centre, and was divided into a theoretical session and a practical one, thanks to the presence of the Mphi and Miphi5 devices.

“Thanks to the contribution by Paul Sidi who analysed the clinical protocols and demonstrated the practical use of the therapy– Roberto Terruzzi, ASA’s senior export sales manager explains – the training event ended with the appreciation of participants who were very active throughout the day, asking questions and requesting in-depth explanations”.


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