Peru: a dedicated course for magnetotherapy and MLS® Laser Therapy

07 January 2020 - Training -

Constant training is a must for ASA which focuses on specific courses and training dedicated to its therapies in order to enable the best comprehension and use. The “Curso Teorico-Practico, aplicationes y casos clìnicos de Magnetoterapia y Laserterapia MLS®” organised on 7th December in Lima (Peru) with the collaboration of JP Rehab, our local distributor, moves in this direction.
Doctors and Physiotherapists from various leading centres and hospitals in the country were able to acquire detailed knowledge of the two therapies, concretely verifying its benefits and testing its ease of application.

“During the practical session – Karla Salazar, ASA’s Export Area Manager explains – an M6 and a PMT Qs device were used; both favourably impressed participants thanks to their efficiency. Further confirmation was provided by the many questions which were asked in order to obtain additional details concerning their use. Our mission in Peru then continued with another course dedicated to users of MLS®: the objective was to provide a skills upgrade on the subject”.

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