Guatemala: ASA training on MLS® and Magnetotherapy

16 October 2019 - Trade fairs & Congresses -

ASA in Guatemala with an intensive course on the use of magnetotherapy and MLS® Laser Therapy.

Organized in collaboration with local partner Innovaciones Medicas and aimed at 35 professionals in the rehabilitation sector, the ‘International course – Applications and clinical cases, rehabilitation technology’ was divided into two phases: the first focused on the presentation of ASA and MLS® Laser Therapy, the second on magnetotherapy. 

Ample space was devoted to a practical session with 3 clinical cases and to questions-answers useful to dispel doubts.

‘Our journey,’ continued Karla Salazar, ASA Export Area Manager, ‘included a course held at the Military Hospital of Guatemala focused on MLS® and magnetotherapy. Aimed at physiotherapists who already use them, the training provided specific instructions to make the best use of the two therapies and to organize the most correct application times for patients suffering from both acute and chronic diseases.’

The opportunity to directly verify the efficacy of MLS® applied to a patient with a serious knee problem left a very positive impression on the participants.

‘An army captain with a serious problem to this joint was subjected to our Laser therapy and returned to walking as he had not done for a long time.’

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