Austria: focus on ASA therapies and devices

04 November 2019 - Training -

Targeted training and meetings with industry professionals who are long-time users of ASA therapies were the focus of the training visit in Austria (23rd/24th October). With the support of the local partner Drott, the first day was given over to an overview of the “healthPi” medical centre in Vienna, where the staff consisting of 12 doctors and physiotherapists led by Doctor Wolfgang Grunther, specialised in physical medicine and rehabilitation, use the Hiro TT device with great success.

“Doctor Grunther, who very frequently uses our Hiro TT device in his daily practice –explains Roberto Terruzzi, ASA’s Senior Export Area Manager – stated he was particularly satisfied with the results it offers”. 

The value and effectiveness of ASA’s therapeutic solutions are also acknowledged by Doctor Richard Malousek, in charge of the Therapiezentrum Mitte clinic and a member of the medical staff for the Austrian national rowing team. In his private Vienna clinic, the specialist whom we met on the second day, offers his patients Hilterapia®, Qs Magnetotherapy and MLS® as therapies of excellence, receiving very positive feedback. 

“Precisely MLS® Laser Therapy - Terruzzi concludes – was also the star of a day of training focusing on its practical-clinical features, addressed to a selected group of participants interested in analysing its best use. Our visit therefore ends with a positive outcome both because of the valuable declarations for our therapeutic solutions and because of the medium-term structured planning with our local partner”.

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