Hilterapia® and MLS® in Florence: in-presence courses have resumed

02 November 2021 - Training -

“From power to discipline: the ASA global approach”: this is the course which unlocked the resumption of in-presence training for the human division as well.

The training (held in Florence on 22nd and 23rd October) was divided into a theoretical session and a practical one, and enabled participants to analyse in-depth topics focused on the best use of Hilterapia® and MLS® Laser Therapy. Guided by the Field Application Specialist Giorgio Dordoni, the attending professionals were able to concretely verify the antalgic and therapeutic effect of the two therapeutic solutions, thanks to a series of practical tests on actual patients.

“The practical session - Alberto Zaghetto, ASA’s Area Manager explains – always captures the attention precisely because it allows to concretely verify not just the methods of use of the device, but also the efficacy of the therapies. In the theoretical session, these therapies are also shown in their more technical aspects such as, for example, the type of source, the method of delivery, the power and the safety. The feedback obtained was encouraging and the interest shown towards analysing the concept of global approach was tangible, as was the wish to find out more concerning the use of MLS® Laser Therapy for the rehabilitation of COVID sufferers”.

Indeed, the course ended with a window dedicated to cases which confirm the effectiveness of MLS® as a supporting therapy in the treatment of the effects of COVID-19.

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