MLS® and PMT Qs at CIMER 2021

28 September 2021 - Trade fairs & Congresses -

The M6 and Mphi devices for MLS® Laser Therapy and the PMT Qs equipment for magnetotherapy, on display at the Equipos Interferenciales (ASA’s local distributor) stand at the “CIMER 2021 International Congress” (16-18 September, Nuevo Vallarta – Mexico) attracted the interest of the participants and were the focus of questions and requests for further information.

“We are very satisfied with the feedback collected during this Congress focusing on rehabilitation, which was again set up in hybrid form, both in-presence and remotely, and achieved the registration of 700 professionals. Very respectable figures to showcase the advantages of our therapies. A front-line role in this respect was also held by Salvatore Germano, who gave two speeches” explains Karla Salazar, ASA’s Export Area Manager.

During the video link, ASA’s Master Trainer dissected two very topical issues - “Aplicaciones de laserterapia de última generación” (Latest generation laser therapy applications) and “Protocolos actuales del láser en la rehabilitación moderna” (Current laser application protocols for rehabilitation) – which, in addition to stimulating debate between the participants, also earned him a prominent position among the speakers.


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