A record first six months for ASA

10 September 2021 - Corporate -

ASA achieves a new milestone of excellence: the first 6 months of the current year end with a turnover 15% higher than the same period of the record years 2018 and 2019.

This confirms the significant 2021 growth trend, both in terms of turnover (+16,2% vs 2018 and +14,8% vs 2019), and in terms of the number of devices produced (+20,8% vs 2018 and +14,4% vs 2019).

In particular, the recovery was speeded up by sales for the human division (MLS® Laser Therapy and Hilterapia® in first place) towards countries that have been loyal for some time such as the United States, Italy and South Korea, and towards countries with a growing demand such as Slovakia and the Czech Republic, supported by the many actions in the field of post-COVID physical rehabilitation.
The veterinary division also recorded a valid performance, thanks to the on-going remote activities supporting the individual commercial partners.

A non-secondary role in enabling ASA to chalk up these results was provided by the company’s transformation towards a Lean process which led to implementing the “One Piece Flow” system during the assembly and test operations, progressively reducing wastefulness with a positive spin-off on the entire economy of the company.
On this basis, ASA has moreover decided to further implement its Lean Transformation process, beginning a “Lean Office” path which currently involves the Quality and Engineering departments.

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