ASA: 2019 final report

04 February 2020 - Corporate -

ASA’s 2019 ends in the name of internationalisation and sustainability, characterised by a considerable performance of Central and South America – doubled compared with 2018 – and by the remarkable growth of the Far East: +20%.  The human sector represented 75% of the activity compared with 25% for the veterinary sector, an area which is gradually consolidating. 

With the aim of developing new equipment and care solutions which contribute to the well-being of the patient, both human and animal, in the year just ended ASA also continued to invest in Research with noteworthy results as has been confirmed by the "Customer Satisfaction 2019”: 90% of survey respondents (both Italian and foreign end customers and distributors) gave a score equal to or greater than 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 both for the reliability of ASA products and for the clinical results obtained.
Where the research factor is one of the pillars of the company, at the same time so is training and the figures speak for themselves: more than 100 worldwide training activities for the veterinary sector and as many for the human context, flanked by 1400 hours of courses for internal collaborators on technical-engineering-regulatory issues.

In 2019, particular attention was also paid to the "Sustainable" management of the business, by embracing the El.En. Group commitment, a group which it has belonged to since 2003. Initial evidence of this ethical approach can be seen in the design and construction choices of the new company headquarters and in the desire to focus on people's well-being and health. This point is underlined by the availability of an AED, an automated external defibrillator, donated by El.En. for the inauguration of the premises. 4 employees have already completed the first aid training and are thus registered with the Veneto Region 118 Medical Emergency Service which also provides a mapping with the geo-location of the defibrillation devices. Anyone undergoing an emergency who is near our premises can therefore turn to us for help.

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