ASA: case study for the Ca’ Foscari Strategy Innovation Master

08 January 2020 - Corporate -

ASA as the expression of an innovative business model targeted on the themes of Data Driven and Servitization in the Healthcare sector: with this focus, the company was chosen as a case study of interest as part of the “Strategy Innovation Master” by the University Ca’ Foscari in Venice, set up in order to prepare managers and entrepreneurs to develop innovative strategies and new business models.
2020 therefore begins with an important acknowledgement for the company, which has always been sensitive to implementing its performance through studies and research.

“We were chosen by Prof Carlo Bagnoli, the director of the Master, for the Strategy Innovation Sources session: the study we are carrying out in order to create new business models for the company’s future will be presented on this occasion. Our presentation – Flavio Muraro, ASA’s Operations Program Manager, explains – already has a strong academic value, despite currently only taking the first steps to analyse its feasibility”.

The ASA case history will therefore become one of the subjects of discussion of the Master which will be divided into 4 key topics: “Strategy Innovation Competencies”, “Strategy Innovation Sources”, “Strategy Innovation Tools” and “Strategy Innovation Project Work”.

“We can but be gratified by this invitation, a tangible recognition that the investments we have always made in strategic development are well-placed”, Roberto Marchesini, ASA’s Managing Director, states.

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