ASA: evening event for the new headquarters

16 October 2019 - Corporate -

Inauguration time for the new ASA production plant. On 4 October, in conjunction with the company’s birthday, over 200 people among employees, family members, and partners visited the new company spaces discovering their peculiarities. 

The evening was organized in a few segments: after registering, the guests, who were given a map of the company, were accompanied in groups on a guided tour directly by the employees, ready to explain the innovations adopted. There was a conference that focused on the new structure and on the ASA world, with the participation of the top management of El.En. Spa, which the company is a part of, and of the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Vicenza, Giorgio Xoccato.

The conference, - explained Carlo Marchesini, ASA Market Development Manage, in charge of the organization of the event, ‘allowed those present to really get to know ASA, our workplaces, our organizational structure divided between the Vicenza production plant and the Research Division in Florence, the technical details for the construction of the new structure. Just to mention a few statistics, the careful design of the building allows us to avoid the emission of 14.7 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere per year, and the filtered water stations installed eliminate the consumption of plastic bottles in the company: by eliminating 3,000 containers per year, we avoid the emission of 60kg of CO2 into the atmosphere each month.

The project was explained by Matteo Da Soghe who, as Building Manager, supported the Zerbato Architetti studio in all the construction phases.

In the development of the project and in its implementation, we have favoured choices aimed at respecting the environment and the people. To name a few: the highly energy efficient heat pump system and air treatment system; the LED lighting; a 33kW photovoltaic system to integrate the energy consumption of the company plants; and the availability of a charging station for electric vehicles.

All elements that were presented to the participants of the inauguration who, throughout the evening, were involved in various activities.

Particularly appreciated, - continued Marchesini, - was the possibility of viewing the “Clinica Mobile nel Mondo”, the traveling medical emergency facility to rescue riders injured during motorcycle races like MotoGP and Superbike, which ASA has been a partner of for over 10 years, providing laser therapy for the recovery and rehabilitation of the riders, and a Light Painting show. The performance was curated by the internationally renowned illustrator and caricaturist Federico Cecchin, who painted the company’s history using a fluorescent blackboard as a canvas and laser pointers as brushes. A moment of great suggestion that has visually opened the way for new projects.

In fact, the new headquarters wants to metaphorically represent a solid, secure, and protected base for building new paths and opening new horizons.

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