Abruzzo: time for MLS® training

13 November 2019 - Training -

ASA’s training programmes for physiotherapist professionals which focus on MLS® Laser Therapy continue.
With the collaboration of Vas Medical distributor for Abruzzo, on 9th November in Sambuceto (Chieti), the company training staff organised a day of in-depth analysis focused on 3 key elements:  “Traditional Laser Therapy”, “From power to discipline: uniqueness, scientific research, biological and therapeutic effects of MLS® Laser Therapy” and “MLS® Laser Therapy: treatment methods”.

The theoretical part of the course was followed by a practical session using some of the company’s par excellence devices: Mphi75, Mphi5 and MiS.

Alberto Zaghetto, ASA’s Area manager explains: “In particular, the training event allowed us to present to participants this last therapeutic solution and its unique performance capable of combining the synchronised action of MLS® Laser Therapy with the pulse power typical of Hilterapia®. An added value which ensures MiS is the most suitable therapy for treating peripheral neuropathic issues, as has been proved by scientific research”.  

A positive feedback was provided by participants, who were keen to acquire all information to improve their professional approach.

“The purpose of the training is precisely this: to provide details and input which allow optimising the use of our therapies, ensuring they are high-performing for treating individual pathologies”. 

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