The value of training: Interview with Wei-Chun Hsu


Training is part of ASA’s DNA; the ‘endless education’ has always been one of its main strengths, especially on an international level, thanks to the organisation of courses and seminars for doctors, physiotherapists, and specialists who choose the company’s therapies. The aim of training is twofold: encouraging the spread of a ‘culture of laser therapy’ that is correct in content and, in parallel, promoting the effective use of its therapeutic solutions.

With this organisation, ASA, in collaboration with its commercial partners distributed over the various continents, creates ad-hoc workshops in the countries where Hilterapia®, MLS® Laser Therapy, and Magnetotherapy are present. The numbers are also proof of the company’s commitment to training: in 2019, for example, ASA carried out more than 100 training activities in the world for the veterinary sector and just as many in the human field, entrusting them to its medical trainers and researchers with recognized scientific profiles.

Among these, for the Taiwan area, the main representative is Wei-Chun Hsu, Product Manager and Physical Therapist of GAIA GENOMICS, local partner of ASA.
According to your direct experience, Mr. Hsu, who participates in the training courses dedicated to ASA’s therapies? For what purpose?
The participants are mainly doctors and therapists between 30 and 50 years of age who want to learn how to use ASA therapies to the fullest so as to offer their patients increasingly better results. In order to achieve this goal, we organize courses of different levels starting from the ‘basic’ one, which teaches the first important rudiments of what the laser is in general and, following that, training focused on MLS® and Hilterapia® in terms of uses and benefits. After that, they can take part in an ‘advanced’ session that teaches how to choose and apply specific protocols for different pathologies in the most effective way. A structured training that allows professionals to improve step by step so that they can verify what they have learned in their daily practice.

Are there any questions that are most frequently asked by participants?
Those taking part in the courses first need to understand why the laser can be used successfully to treat certain pathologies. Once its real effectiveness is understood, doctors and therapists request more specific information regarding the protocols to adopt, for example, for problems in an acute or chronic state.
There is also great interest in learning how to maximize the obtainable results.

No doubts are raised about its use?
Training serves precisely this purpose: to dispel doubts, to give concrete and scientifically proven answers to the asked questions so as to make doctors and therapists confident about the application of the therapy. Especially during the basic courses, the questions concern how the therapy is perceived by the patients: do they feel pain? Do they feel heat during the treatment? Are there possible side effects? Once reassured that Hilterapia® and MLS® are not only effective, but above all safe and even pleasant for the patient who receives them, those enrolled in the training continue to learn with even more motivation.

How does the training course contribute to improving the work of the participants?
In Taiwan, the culture of laser therapy linked to therapies such as Hilterapia® and MLS® is taking its first steps, given that until now in terms of laser therapy, there was only superficial and limited knowledge on the market for some LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) solutions. Training therefore becomes indispensable to convey correct information and to make people understand its value and usefulness. After the course, the participants understand that ASA’s therapies are truly effective both for the patients, who can successfully solve long-term issues, and for their work, made more efficacious and consequently more rewarding.

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