Mission Taiwan: Workshop and Training for MLS® and M6

05 September 2019 - Training -

Three days (2/4 August) consisting of themed training, workshops focused on MLS® Laser Therapy and the presentation of the M6 device, but also of visits to private facilities (e.g. Lovelis Treatment Clinic) which have adopted the format of “Pain Management Clinic”, integrating the ASA therapies (Hilterapia® and MLS® Laser Therapy) already successfully tested in other countries: this, synthetically, is the mission of ASA staff in Taiwan.

A visit which, in addition to reinforcing ties with Gaia Genomics (our local distributor), enabled emphasising the M6 system, the focus of launch events in two of the main cities in Taiwan: Taipei e Taichung.

“In order to highlight our therapeutic solution and equipment – Giacomo Granozio, ASA’s Export Area Manager explains – we organised a “Dinner workshop” at the Howard Prince Hotel Taichung and an “International Symposium” at our partner’s headquarters in Taipei. The meetings were articulated in two sessions so as to provide a complete overview of the therapy: a technical-scientific one and a clinic with both a theoretical and a practical part. The feedback gathered from the participants was enthusiastic, supported also by the visibility which MLS® Laser Therapy had carved out for itself during one of the prime-time programs aired on the main Taiwanese TV channel. A more than positive appraisal therefore for this visit, a key element of the structured development program which sees us involved in other presentation stages. For example, in November we will be in Kaohsiung, the country’s second main city”.

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