How MLS® Laser Therapy devices have changed my daily work | Video interview with Dr. Juan José Bernal Arreola

Doctor, I am going to ask you some questions so that you can share with us your knowledge about MLS® Laser Therapy, for which you own our equipment, which has allowed you to obtain excellent results in your patients. I would like you to talk to us a little, from your point of view, about MLS® Laser Therapy in your daily clinic activity. What are the main characteristics, progress, and effectiveness achieved thanks to our equipment?

I would like to share with you our experience in post-COVID patients, since, at the moment, it is one of the most incredible advances we have had in rehabilitation or laser therapy. The only high-powered robotic equipment we have on the market is ASA’s, the M6 (and M8 ed.). We have two of these devices and we have been rehabilitating post-COVID patients for more or less 8 months. Various publications in other countries have already shown that it will be able to truly rehabilitate lung tissue, thus leading to a reduction in inflammation of the lung tissue and most likely a positive effect on cytokine storm in patients with post-COVID atypical pneumonia, or rather, in a pulmonary fibrosis process or in what is presumed to be a pulmonary fibrosis in post-COVID patients.
ASA M6 therapy truly had a revolutionary effect on our patients. We had patients who showed improvements already between the second and the third session: they have decreased their heart rate and increased their oxygen absorption capacity, decreasing or completely eliminating the need for supplemental oxygen. For this reason, it was really a great surprise for us to learn that this type of equipment can affect lung tissue, helping us in an unprecedented way in the rehabilitation of post-COVID patients. Personally, I believe this is one of the most important advances in laser therapy in recent times, other than being the newest and most positive experience I can share with you regarding the ASA equipment we have here in the clinic.

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As you just mentioned, your clinic is equipped with an M6 unit, a robotic laser. Knowing that it is one of the first and only on the market and that ASA owns this particular equipment, when you walk into the clinic or go to your patient and they see the robotic system and you treat the patient with this method and they see the results, well, I would like you to share your personal experience with us, of seeing your patients with this particular equipment: what they think when they begin and when they finish the therapy.

The patient in rehabilitation is not used to high-tech equipment.
And even less to this type of equipment, so sophisticated and tested worldwide. At the beginning, the patient is astounded and sometimes does not understand how a therapy that previously lasted an hour, an hour and a half, could now be administered in about 20 minutes, managing to obtain better results than traditional therapy. So for the patient – sometimes a little sceptical – it is a cause of uncertainty how such equipment can bring so many benefits. Sometimes, at first glance, there is a feeling of surprise and, once the patients start with the therapy, they convince themselves. Other times, during a third visit or appointment for any other reason, they say: ‘Doctor, I would like to try the M6 high-power laser, since last time it worked so well’. So, the patient begins to request the therapy, obviously only after consulting with the doctor and obtaining their approval to use this kind of equipment.
It is very gratifying to see how the patient, when they return with another pathology, personally requests or desires a treatment with high-tech equipment such as the M6, unique on the market.

You are also talking about the benefits that the equipment brings. I would also like to know, and for you to share with us, what the duration of the treatment is, its results, and what has been done so far.

Yes, no equipment is infallible and no equipment can be used in any type of pathology, however, for some specific pathologies in which we can use the M6 and, currently, in post-COVID patients, we are treating patients with 20 minutes of laser therapy at high power and the results are incredible, truly exceptional. We never thought that a laser therapy could have such advantages. It’s clear that we are very satisfied, impressed, and truly happy with the example that the M6 has set for our post-COVID patients.
Speaking of other types of patients, we have an excellent success rate, over 85%.

Since you are telling us that you treat post-COVID patients, obviously in this regard social distancing is a very important topic. You must be able to work safely. Has this helped you make your staff, as well as your patients, feel safe?

Yes, right now all patients want a minimal contact therapy.
Thanks to M6, we already have all of this and we already had it before the pandemic. A piece of equipment that you only need to program – choosing the doses, duration, and area – and start; at that point, the unit takes care of the rest. It is also very important that each treatment can be accurately reproduced in terms of area, stimulus, and energy supplied. We can be sure that each of our patients receives exactly the same treatment, the same doses with the same timing and in the same area, and this makes our job a lot easier because no other high-powered laser equipment can do all of this. At this point, we are sure that each patient receives the exact dose of energy, in the right time and in the right area, every time in the same spot.
Using manual equipment can waste time, since it does not always reproduce the same result.

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ASA devices such as M8, M6, Mphi 75.5 and Mphi 5 for MLS® Laser Therapy and Easy Qs and PMT Qs for Magnetotherapy, are operator-independent devices: the physiotherapist only has to set the parameters and supervise how the session is going as this occurs in total autonomy without any proximity or contact.

Doctor, you recently hosted a webinar which was a success, given the high number of participants and interesting questions received (‘La Laserterapia MLS® Robotizada para el manejo y rehabilitación del dolor en pacientes post-COVID: casos clínicos exitosos’ - ‘Robotized MLS® Laser Therapy for the management and rehabilitation of pain in post-COVID patients: successful clinical cases’). It was a very successful seminar, especially since you were one of the first doctors to share their experience, given that this topic is kind of a taboo one that nobody wants to talk about. What were the main advantages of the MLS® Laser Therapy in treating your patients? Was the progress tangible and fast, did they start to feel better in a short time?  What was your experience in this regard?

Let me quickly tell you what happened.
We have had two M6s in our clinic for some time and we do respiratory therapy with them. It is a practice that focuses on the respiratory muscles that need to be treated so that the patient can walk, move and feel less pain.
At this point, we actually realized that we were doing things wrong, given that in a post-COVID patient the primary need is to eliminate the inflammation from the lung tissue.
It was then that we started looking for other equipment or other types of therapies, in addition to drugs such as steroids, capable of reducing or eliminating inflammation of the lung tissue without putting our patient at risk: basically, we were looking for something really effective. Thanks to some of our colleagues from Boston and other European countries who started using laser therapy, in this case ASA’s M6, the first positive results began to show. A decidedly safe therapy, that did not endanger the patient. It was then that we began to use it on our post-COVID patients too, patients that were obviously no longer able to transmit the virus, but that had great respiratory limitations, disorders of various kinds caused by the virus itself, i.e. with atypical pneumonia. Although they no longer tested positive for the atypical pneumonia virus, it was still an ongoing process and we suspected it was a pulmonary fibrosis process.
At this point, we started using it with the aim of eliminating the inflammation of the lungs, therefore, no longer as a respiratory therapy but as a lung therapy. And it is a device that began to give us very positive results from the very first sessions. 
The patient began to absorb more oxygen, improving their saturation and decreasing the supplemental oxygen day after day, as well as their heart rate. Between the second and the third session we obtained the first incredible results, because up to that point we did not have them, we were not able to achieve them.
We have patients who had 3-4 months of respiratory therapy performed thanks to the use of drugs, negative for 3-4 months or with a transmissible COVID infection, or struggling with the consequences of an atypical pneumonia in progress and, in these cases, the laser therapy was truly impressive, seriously, amazing: how is it possible that a machine can lead to a reduction of lung inflammation, cause a cytokine storm, and bring all the benefits we are talking about?
So, for many it was astonishing and it was absolutely necessary to quickly share all this with other doctors. Other colleagues who may want the same equipment to offer these same results to their patients.

Given that EsportMedicine has robotic MLS® Laser Therapy, you just told us that you relied heavily on the scientific experience of ASA and other various colleagues, both from the United States and the Czech Republic, where they started to treat COVID patients and everything that has since become post-COVID. In light of this premise the question is: What encouraged you to start with treatments on patients of this type, given that not everyone decides to treat them, and to give them a chance? What would you recommend to future therapists, since this is a growing problem, as it can already be seen in this period, and will be even more so in the long run? I would like to share your experiences or some of your thoughts with the aim of encouraging other colleagues in starting the rehabilitation of patients of this type. What would you recommend to them?

Actually, the answer is very simple. The market offers many solutions in the field of rehabilitation and there are various types of rehabilitation. Unfortunately, however, almost nothing is working. I say this because I see patients with pulmonary fibrosis and patients who continue to have ongoing atypical pneumonia. It must be said that we do not know why, since it is an emerging disease; we do not know what to expect.
However, it is incredible to see how a therapy of this type, a laser therapy, a high-power phototherapy can bring these advantages. There is no need to convince anyone; there is no need to present 200 cases.
In other words, when we tested the effect on the market, the results of the treatment were incredible, and it is not just us saying it, it is the United States, Europe, and the publications.
But we did not reinvent the wheel: we are well aware that high-power therapy, especially that implemented with our M6 laser, hits the inflammatory storm of our patients. All we had to do was move from a knee to the lung tissue, adjust the parameters, and see what the benefits were for the patients.

Doctor, would you recommend MLS® Laser Therapy to your present and future colleagues?

I do not think it is a question of wanting to recommend it. I believe that if you aspire to have the best therapeutic effects and the best course for your patients, there are no other options, because it truly is a unique device that we use a lot here in the hospital, and now with this big problem of the COVID-19 pandemic there is no other piece of equipment anywhere else that gives benefits of this kind.
Therefore, I believe that a doctor who wants to give the best to their patients and who aims to reach the top of their knowledge and technology has no other choice, and once they see the results that the equipment offers to their patients, there will be no need to add anything more. There is no need to convince anyone, nothing else besides the obtained results and, in fact, it is the only thing that is needed.

How would you describe MLS® Laser Therapy in a nutshell?

Safe. Effective, and very satisfying.

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