ASA presents its Scientific Department

There is a close connection between the growth of ASA and the scientific production in the biomedical field. Since its inception, the company understood how important a role research would play in its evolution: only by offering scientifically validated answers regarding its own therapeutic solutions and correct information on laser therapy would it have been possible to build a solid credibility.

Structuring a Scientific Department to be the centre and promoter of international studies, projects, and collaborations was the first step in a constantly evolving journey that made research results – biological and biomolecular – an element of distinction between the modus operandi of the company and that of other companies in the sector.

Composed of an internal team and ASAcampus – Joint Laboratory with the Department of Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences of the University of Florence, Ed. – ASA’s Scientific Department operates on different levels.

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‘We collect data for presentations and the clinical validation of our medical devices in order to comply with the regulations and ensure constant scientific training; we take action, through the Quality-Regulatory Department, to obtain the registrations and approvals required by the countries in which the company has commercial interests; we contribute to the creation of educational material used for the training of company staff (Field Application Specialist, Area Manager, Partners all over the world, Ed.) and to disseminate the correct information to the end user’.

Last but not least, over the years, the Department has been promoting the creation of a network based on proactive exchanges: from the interconnected relationship between ASA/ASAcampus and a network of experts, a ‘Question & Answer’ activity has taken shape that provides answers in a very short amount of time to the most diverse questions coming from multiple sectors connected to the world of laser therapy.

A virtuous cycle that generates value

‘The pride of our Scientific Department is ASAcampus, which has the task, among various others, of studying the various mechanisms behind the therapeutic effects of laser pulses. Based on the collected results, we calibrate the company’s objectives and, consequently, the continuation of its scientific projects and research activities. Part of the latter also happens to be included in papers of international relevance. A confirmation of this, for example, is the digression on MLS® Laser Therapy in the veterinary field contained in the book “Essential Facts of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine in Companion Animals”, written by renowned experts and professors (Barbara Bockstahler, David Levine, Johann W. Maierl, Kathleen Wittek, and Darryl L. Millis), which has quickly become a reference point for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and veterinary sports medicine’, explains Lucio Zaghetto, President and Scientific Manager.

The connection between the company and its Joint Laboratory generates a virtuous cycle which contributes to the spread of the culture of laser therapy, to the development of therapeutic solutions with scientifically validated efficacy to promote the recovery of people’s well-being, and finally to the structuring of a sales strategy that responds to the real demands of the global market.
However, its efforts go even further: the Department, in fact, also collects spontaneous studies by researchers from every country and commissions additional ones to external centres, also helping experimenters in drafting protocols, carrying out bibliographic investigations, writing manuscripts for publication, and in the revision of the scientific works that come from it.

‘But we also take care of supporting investigators in publishing research on indexed journals and Energy for Health.’

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Energy for Health Review

ASAcampus: from Energy for Health to research projects on laser therapy and magnetotherapy

Founded in 2007, ASAcampus works on several fronts, dealing not only with the study of the ‘Biology of physical stress’ with particular focus on the effect of certain physical factors (gravity, mechanical stress, light, magnetic fields) on the body and the related mechanisms, but also with the writing of ‘Energy for Health’. Led by Dr Monica Monici (Head of Research) with the collaboration of Dr Francesca Cialdai (PhD), and Dr Elettra Sereni (PhD who works in ASAcampus with a scholarship from the University of Florence funded with free donation by ASA), the Joint Laboratory is the forge in which the publication has been taking shape for over 10 years. 

‘Its purpose,’ explains Dr Monici, ‘is to disseminate the results of research and clinical studies on the application of laser therapy and magnetotherapy in the biomedical field. In its early days the magazine mainly reported articles concerning the field of physiatry and sports medicine, but over the years it has evolved and now includes reports concerning other contexts such as the dental world and veterinary medicine.’

Energy for Health is, however, only one of the many daily efforts of ASAcampus, which mainly deals with designing, developing, and carrying out research projects which, proposed to ASA or to entities and institutions, if accepted, take shape on the basis of the program and protocols described in the project itself.

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Nature Scientifc Reports - MiS research

‘There are many research projects we have carried out over the years that we are particularly proud of. Among these, for example, “Effect of IR laser on myoblasts: a proteomic study”, which has allowed us to make progress in understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms behind the therapeutic effects induced by the MLS® laser pulse, and “Effect of NIR laser therapy by MLS-MiS source against neuropathic pain in rats: in vivo and ex vivo analysis”, in which we have demonstrated that treatment with the ASA MiS model can have significant effects on neuropathic pain, which is extremely difficult to treat.’

Discover ASA Research Library

A valuable recognition is also the participation of the ASAcampus staff in experiments of the Italian Space Agency like ‘CORM’, ‘XENOGRISS’ and "Suture in Space".

Today the Joint Laboratory is also working to get closer to the other ASA operating units, making sure that they have the correct knowledge and information on the results of the research projects carried out.

‘Research projects that have increased in number over the years, thanks to the multiple approvals obtained, and that are carried out by always applying new models and more advanced techniques. In this regard, the collaboration with the University proves again to be very useful: in the context of the Joint Laboratory, in fact, researchers from the University and the Scientific Department of ASA collaborate and work closely, sharing ideas, initiatives, projects, analytical methods and techniques, and tools. This, in my opinion, makes the Joint Laboratories between University and Businesses a strategic hub for technology transfer, and ASAcampus is a clear example of that.’

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