22 November 2023 - Therapies -

In the year of its fortieth anniversary, the company from Vicenza which specialises in laser therapy for the human and vet sectors celebrates this milestone by presenting two new devices. Showcased during attendance at Medica 2023, the two solutions, made in Italy and the result of “made in ASA” research and technology, pave the way for new development strategies for 2024.

ASA marks its 40th birthday by placing on the market two new devices, created, designed and manufactured to ensure clinical effectiveness, patient safety and guarantee tangible and fast results.

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M-Hi & HIRO - ASA new products

Displayed during Medica 2023 (13/16 November – Düsseldorf), the fair devoted to medical technology which the company has attended since the ‘80s, M-Hi and HIRO rely on a technology that has been scientifically and clinically validated by more than 100 research studies conducted by ASAcampus, a joint laboratory between the ASA Research Division and the Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences Department of the University of Florence. The two systems are the result of a study path made up of successive steps that began in 1983 – the year of foundation of the company based in Arcugnano (VI) – and flowed into manufacturing several types of lasers, now available in the clinics, hospitals and private practices of 80 countries around the world.

M-Hi and HIRO, respectively intended for applying MLS® Laser Therapy and Hilterapia®, represent the evolution of the expertise the company has gained over the years in the technological and engineering fields and are a starting point to look ahead to the future. 

In addition to completing the already broad range of devices dedicated to rehabilitation – and targeted to support industry professionals in their daily practice – the two technological solutions, a synthesis of efficiency, effectiveness and design, will enable the company to approach new targets and to consolidate its presence in the many markets already covered.

“For realising these new arrivals –Silvia Vitulo, Biomedical Engineer and ASA Product Specialist explains - , we have again applied the modus operandi that has distinguished us from the beginning and which has become a distinctive trademark for ASA. The basis for developing every new product is in fact a process which brings together the skills of specialised professionals who, by acting in harmony, generate a valuable result".

This value is the result of a winning association between technology, research and business.

"The ability to anticipate the market’s needs is in fact the keystone to be at the forefront from the point of view of the solutions proposed and to maintain competitiveness".

On the strengths of these premises, ASA, part of the El.En. Group since 2003, has defined its action plan for 2024. 

“We will not stop investing in Research; we will further implement training, both internally and for those who choose us; we will work at disseminating the culture of laser therapy in all those countries who only know it marginally and can therefore represent interesting catchment areas for an informed and sustainable growth of our company. The two devices presented to mark our 40 years are therefore a springboard towards the future and the starting point for new projects where each of our 70 collaborators, with their individual specific skills, will have a key role”, Damiano Guidolin, ASA General Manager explains.

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