1983-2023: ASA, 40 Years Marked by Laser Therapy and Magnetotherapy

14 March 2023 - Corporate -

An important milestone for the Veneto company which, through its therapies, aims to restore the best physical condition and quality of life to the "human" and "veterinary" patient. A history of all-Italian excellence, made up of valuable projects and awards as well as of prestigious international collaborations.

Research, production and sharing of results are the 3 pillars that have marked the history of ASA from 1983 - the year of its foundation - to today, contributing to its constant internationalisation. The company - which has built its identity on specialising in the development of Therapeutic Solutions centred on laser sources and magnetic fields - has made Research the trait d'union between Science and the production of electro-medical devices, encouraging the spread of a culture based on laser therapy and magnetotherapy and sharing its projects with leading interlocutors such as ESA (European Space Agency), ASI (Italian Space Agency), NASA, FIS (Italian Fencing Federation) and Clinica Mobile (the traveling hospital for motorcyclists).

In the year of the fortieth anniversary of the birth of the first palm-sized mobile phone (Motorola DynaTAC 8000X) and of the launch of the first version of Microsoft Word, ASA turns its 40th corner in the name of technological innovation, strengthened by constant investments in Research & Development, a significant international presence and a range of devices with recognised efficacy and safety. This is confirmed not only by hospitals and clinics scattered all over the world that exploit ASA technologies on a daily basis, but also by the numerous international sports teams and clubs that over the years have chosen Hilterapia®, MLS® Laser Therapy and Magnetotherapy Qs. In all these contexts, devices such as M8, HIRO TT, MiS, PMT Qs and M-VET support the medical staff of the human and veterinary sectors, the areas where the company has shown all its passion, talent and commitment.

A commitment that ASA also demonstrates in the sustainable management of the business, expressed by making its objectives transparent and accessible to all interlocutors, in order to consolidate their trust, and by protecting the environment and the cultural, social and artistic heritage. But that's not all. The enhancement of company talent goes in this direction, through targeted training courses in which the well-being in managing the individual's daily working life becomes a driving force for the community. 
The company’s "Lean" method, functional to optimising production processes and the related achievable results, has in fact proved to be a valid tool for adopting a new professional approach capable of promoting collaboration, team management of critical issues and opportunities, the definition and pursuit of shared goals.

That collaborators are the first asset in which the company must invest is also underlined by the busy calendar of initiatives organised for the 40th anniversary: all aimed at creating opportunities for sharing and participating in the name of the team.
Among the many: a professional photo-shoot where each collaborator was able to express his or her passion, sport or interest, a public playlist created thanks to the preferences of each employee aimed at retracing the last 4 decades of musical hits, breakfasts at work to better tackle every first Monday of the month, various interdepartmental team building activities, a summer party open to the families of employees.

All these initiatives aim to recognise the contribution that the 60 employees have made over the years towards achieving significant goals:

  • over 25,000 devices installed worldwide
  • a widespread presence thanks to 80 commercial partners
  • constant growth in all post-Covid company indicators
  • a Joint Laboratory - ASAcampus - between the ASA Research Division and the Department of Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences of the University of Florence
  • a scientific journal - Energy for Health - now in its 22nd edition
  • a series of excellent projects which have earned international recognition and awards for product functionality and industrial design. 
Testo a Destra
Immagine 30%/Testo 60%
Roberto Marchesini - ASA AD

Design, understood as aesthetic beauty and harmony of lines, was the premise from which we started right from the very first device, with the aim of standing out in a market which, at the end of the 80s, was still under construction, but extremely receptive. From the concept of the first machine to today, we have come a long way, always believing in this approach and with a vision that makes harmony its goal. ASA does not limit itself to designing, manufacturing and distributing products, but also develops a method of use together with its representatives, supporting professionals in their business development and thus contributing to their growth. A result made possible by creating an international network of professionals who have embraced our philosophy, becoming its first ambassadors”, says Roberto Marchesini, ASA co-founder and General Manager.

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Lucio Zaghetto - Presidente ASA

What made ASA a solid reality in the electro-medical sector, says Lucio Zaghetto, ASA co-founder and President, was also its ability to “remain faithful to its initial objectives, always steering a straight course, despite the market suggesting that other paths should be trodden, sometimes the result of often fleeting fashions. Research and training have always been our beacons: over the years we have maintained the course that has allowed us to land in ports made safe by the scientific value of our therapies. ASA does not invent new sciences but "does science", thanks to the contribution of researchers, doctors, physiotherapists, technicians and specialists who believe in our project and who, in many cases, were born with us. There are, in fact, several collaborators who have been part of the company since its outset and who today share the baton with increasingly qualified and professional figures”.

On this basis, the company works daily to structure the planning of all its future initiatives, aimed at creating sustainable value for the planet and for people. Both defining tailor-made training courses to develop collaborators and designing increasingly performing devices, which will continue to be presented to the markets during the most important World Fairs of the related sectors, go in this direction.

In 2023, ASA also celebrates a second birthday: since 2003 the company has been part of the El.En. Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical, industrial and artistic heritage lasers, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.

“During these 20 years, thanks also to the support of this solid reality, we have had the opportunity to grow, experiment and reach ever new markets. We are now projecting ourselves into the future, ready to take on new challenges”, concludes Marchesini.

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Paolo Salvadeo - Direttore Generale El.En.

ASA is one of the best companies in our group, characterised by an excellent management. In its first 40 years of life, the company has achieved a strong leadership position in all its business segments. The focus remains on paying great attention to its customers and their voice, incorporating the latter within the company in concurrent engineering groups, as a beacon for the development of increasingly innovative solutions. ASA's highly advanced technical-scientific-clinical skills are not limited to the terrestrial sphere, but have even reached the International Space Station, where frontier experiments in tissue regeneration are carried out by astronauts. ASA, a solid company with great internal skills, will certainly be able to continue to do very well in the future, gradually conquering new market shares at an international level, thanks also to the launch of new products and solutions” comments Eng. Paolo Salvadeo, General Manager of the parent company of ASA, El.En. SpA in Calenzano (FI).

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