Training and installations: MLS® and Magnetotherapy Qs in Latin America

21 September 2022 - Training -

“After an interruption of 2 years due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, training meetings have resumed, with extremely positive effects especially for the participants who now have the opportunity to actually experience the therapy and discuss its application face to face”

comments Karla Salazar (ASA Area Manager) referring to the training course held in Quito (Ecuador) in collaboration with the local partner Intermedica Ecuador.

The meeting on “MLS® Laser Therapy combined with invasive techniques”, was attended by 25 physiotherapists and doctors specialising in rehabilitation who, led by physiotherapist Francisco Marquez, were able to further examine the theoretical and practical aspects of the therapy.
The two-day course focused on aspects of primary interest to professionals in the sector: “Integration of robotic laser and dry needling in grade I and II ankle sprains”, “Integration of high-power laser with invasive techniques in knee arthroscopy” and “Clinical application of magnetotherapy and progressive therapeutic exercises in fractures”.

If the theoretical sessions were important for understanding the benefits of MLS® Laser Therapy and Magnetotherapy Qs for the treatment of multiple pathologies and for verifying their value, based on various clinical cases, the hands-on parts of the course allowed for the devices to be tested practically.

“As there were patients with different pathologies, each physiotherapist and doctor, after comparing their diagnosis and intervention plan with their colleagues, was able to treat them, with the guidance and supervision of Marquez”.

The professionals showed tangible interest and, during the plenary session, they also asked many questions about the devices. What attracted their attention in particular was the M8 robotic model which, in the previous days, had been presented by ASA staff to 50 final semester physiotherapy students from the Universidad Central de Ecuador.

“The importance of laser therapy in the daily clinic, its advantages and the combination with other therapeutic techniques were the guidelines of the meeting, during which the participants were also involved in a practical session, useful for better understanding”.

The fact that laser therapy is attracting the attention of rehabilitation specialists from Latin America countries is finally confirmed by the installation of ASA devices in some of the most highly rated rehabilitation centres.

“The “Panama Clinic”, one of the most modern hospitals in Latin America – concludes Salazar – was the first to be equipped with HIRO TT and now also offers devices for Magnetotherapy Qs and MLS® Laser Therapy. This is a tangible sign of how our Therapeutic Solutions are considered extremely useful and effective by physiotherapy and rehabilitation professionals, who use them in their daily practice by including them in their treatment plans”.

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