Time for distributors: Asian Star visiting ASA, EL.EN. and ASAcampus

25 July 2022 - Corporate -

After two years of exclusively virtual communication with our partners in the Far East, visits to Italy by our international partners and collaborators have resumed. Indeed, the company welcomed Daniel Oh, Director of Asian Star (distributor of ASA’s devices in South Korea), who was able to carry out an exclusive visit to the entire production site and to receive additional technical details and information concerning the technological and clinical benefits of products such as M-VET, MiS and HIRO TT. 
The theoretical in-depth analysis was also backed up by some targeted meetings with specialists in the physiotherapy sector (Fisiolab 8.14), long-time users of the ASA therapies. 

Two further visits were organised during the trip to Italy: the first to the parent company El.En., where our partner was able to experience first-hand all the group’s laser solutions for the various sectors where it operates, from aesthetics to renovation; the second to ASAcampus – at the Carreggi Hospital in Florence – where Mr Oh was able to discuss and analyse the recent developments and projects of the Joint Laboratory directly with the Researchers involved, one project above all: “Suture in Space”, implemented on the International Space Station during mission Minerva.

“Emphasising the scientific component of the ASA therapeutic solutions has always been a key asset: we have been collaborating with Asian Star for 9 years and after years of distancing, being able to welcome the Director both in our facilities and in those of the El. En. Group to which we belong, further stimulated us. Ours is a constantly growing and developing partnership: this is confirmed by the introduction of the MLS® devices for the human and veterinary sectors in the range of products they distribute, which have long included the Hilterapia® range of devices. This meeting also allowed us to define future sales strategies, establishing new market penetration lines” Giacomo Granozio, ASA Area Manager, explained.

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Daniel Oh (Asian Star) in Florence with ASA sales manager Giacomo Granozio

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