Taipei: ASA devices for the social sphere

23 October 2020 - Corporate -

Two Mphi 75 devices were used by doctors and physiotherapists from the Lovelis Pain Management Clinic in Taipei for a free of charge treatment of 44 elderly people from the town of Fuli, which has no physiotherapy centre, who suffered from arthrosis and knee pain.

The volunteer program was the result of the cooperation between the clinic in Taipei and the Fuli Catholic Church.

“We are proud that our devices contributed to a socially valuable action such as the one carried out by the professionals at the Lovelis Pain Management Clinic - Giacomo Granozio, ASA’s Export Sales Manager comments. Our therapies originate precisely from the wish to restore the best physical condition to sufferers, such as the elderly people of Fuli: contributing to restoring their well-being represents a gift for us”.

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