Donations: ASA and Epoch donate 1000 items of protective eyewear to healthcare workers

27 April 2020 - Corporate -

ASA responds to the request for safety material for healthcare workers tackling the Coronavirus emergency, issued by the Committee of Mayors in District 2 – Alto Vicentino (a governing body of the ULSS7 Pedemontana Health District), and together with its partner Epoch in Taiwan has delivered 1000 items of protective eyewear for the personnel of the hospital Alto Vicentino in Santorso. Compliant with the EN166 European legislation, the visors guarantee protection from chemicals and impacts and thanks to a specific design, ensure correct air circulation in order to provide comfort and safety to long-time wearers.

“Epoch, – ASA explains – with Doctor Pang in the frontline, dealt with producing the visors, while our company bore the costs of shipment, customs and delivery to the hospital chosen as the provincial reference centre for assisting Covid-19 sufferers. A supportive action which we felt was our duty in order to assist and protect those who work every day in close contact with this danger”.

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