Shanghai: MLS® a leading player at the CMEF

19 May 2021 - Trade fairs & Congresses -

MLS® could not have missed out on the 2021 edition of the China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), one of the most important Asian fairs for equipment and therapeutic solutions dedicated to the medical sector.

Present at TED Healthcare’s stand, our local distributor, over the 3 days of the event, (13-16 May 2021 -National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai), MLS® Laser Therapy captured the attention of professionals, keen to analyse its scope, application methods and therapeutic results in the successful cases proposed. The figures also confirm this: more than 280 visitors to the ASA – TED Healthcare exhibition spaces, over 30 sector professionals who asked to try it out directly on the spot and 25 those who improved their physical condition after the first application.

“This was an objective success for MLS® - explains Rajun Dai from TED Healthcare – both among those who approached it for the first time and among those who already use it successfully, acknowledging it as powerful and attractive. We are very satisfied that our presence in this context significantly allowed MLS® to stand out”.

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