Preliminary results for Xenogriss: science, training and disclosure

03 August 2020 - Research -

It’s time for first conclusions for Xenogriss, included in the scientific experiments carried out on the International Space Station during the Beyond mission led by Luca Parmitano, the Italian astronaut from the European Space Agency.

Financed and managed by the Italian Space Agency (ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana), with Doctor Germana Galoforo, Project Supervisor, Prof Angela Maria Rizzo, University of Milan as PI and Doctor Monica Monici from ASAcampus (the Joint Laboratory between ASA’s Research Division and the Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences Department of the University of Florence) as  Co-PI, Xenogriss aims to study the growth and regeneration of biological tissue, using Xenopus laevis tadpoles as the experimental model.

The objective: to understand the role of gravity in growth and regeneration processes.

Eight months from the beginning of the experiment which began in December 2019, the preliminary results - the lockdown period has not allowed reaching a definitive result yet, ed. appear to show that microgravity slows down tissue regeneration in space.
A first important confirmation for the potentially significant implications that it may have on astronauts’ health too.

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“The scientific purpose of the experiment – Monica Monici specifies – went hand in hand with the training aspect, as we involved a group of students from I.T.I.S. Meucci in Florence with the aim of disseminating science and, in particular, space research”.

This was confirmed by Parmitano himself during a conference held in the ISA, dedicated to taking stock of the experiments carried out on the Space Station.

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