Mexico: MLS® and magnetotherapy at the centre of workshops and courses

16 October 2019 - Trade fairs & Congresses -

ASA chose some of the most important international conventions in Mexico specialized in rehabilitation and physiotherapy to present the strengths, benefits, and applications of MLS® Laser Therapy and Qs Magnetotherapy.

With the support of local partner Equipos Interferenciales, it participated in Expocimer (3/5 October, Salon Fiesta Guadalajara in Mexico) and Horkest (3/5 October, Mexico City), holding workshops and conferences for professionals specialized in rehabilitation medicine.
In Guadalajara, in the presence of over 150 people, the ASA team held two conferences dedicated to ‘Laser de alta potencia multionda sincronizado, uso actual’ and ‘Lo más actual en el uso de la Magneto terapia’, and a workshop focused on MLS® and Magnetotherapy using the M6, Mphi, and Easy Qs devices.

In Mexico City, during the Horkest Convention (the most important meeting in the field of physiotherapy, physical and sports rehabilitation in Latin America that brings together over 4,000 professionals and hosts speakers of international calibre, Ed.) Salvatore Germano (ASA trainer) held the workshop ‘Treatment of muscle injury, MLS® and magnetotherapy in professional sports’ and a speech focused on the use of MLS® in the field of sports.

‘The next day,’ pointed out Karla Salazar, ASA Export Area Manager, ‘we replicated the same workshop for other specialists, but we integrated it with 2 hands-on cases that were particularly appreciated by the participants.’

The Latin American mission also included the course ‘Use of Class IV laser in rehabilitation – theoretical-practical course on MLS® Laser Therapy and Magnetotherapy’ (2 October, Guadalajara, Mexico), organized with the Centro de Educación Superior Interferenciales en Salud y Deporte di Equipos Interferenciales.

‘The course,’ concluded Salazar, ‘was organized for a limited number of 25 physiotherapists and doctors who, after a presentation of the MLS® Laser Therapy, were able to learn more about its biological effects and ask useful questions to dispel doubts and have more details.’

The participants particularly appreciated the practical section with the treatment of 3 patients suffering from shoulder pain, cervical muscle contracture, and skin lesion.

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