MLS® in the treatment of temporomandibular dysfunctions: new research

26 September 2018 - Trade fairs & Congresses -

To analyse the effect of conventional therapy (ultrasound, application of warm compresses and exercise) and, simultaneously, of MLS® Laser Therapy on pain and functional limitations in patients with temporomandibular dysfunctions.

This is the focus of a recent study (“Effect of Conventional Therapy and low level laser therapy on pain and limitations of daily functions in patients with temporomandibular joint dysfunction”) which confirmed that the panel of patients undergoing conventional treatment and MLS® benefited from a statistically significant decrease in functional limitation and, in parallel, a statistically significant increase in their pain threshold compared with the control group.

The research therefore leads us to find that in patients with temporomandibular dysfunctions “the additional application of Laser Therapy to conventional treatment is more effective in pain management and functional improvement than the use of conventional treatment alone".

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