Combined use of Armourbite and MLS® in temporomandibular disorders, craniofacial pain and neuromuscular dysbalance.

J. Rosswag, U. Janke
Energy for Health [17], 2018

Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) is a nonspecific diagnosis that includes a group of conditions involving the muscles of mastication and/or the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). TMD comprises a wide range of clinical symptoms, such as headache, facial and jaw pain, neck pain or movement limitation, etc. and severely impact on patient quality of life.
The incidence of the TMD in the general population is widespread and many people suffer to a greater or lesser degree from these disorders.
Current conservative gold standard treatment is represented by occlusal splints, but recently other therapeutic approaches are being used, among which laser therapy is giving interesting results.
The aim of this study is to report on four cases in which the combination of MLS® laser treatment and the Armourbite splint was used to relief TMD symptoms. In order to provide some early comments on the comparison with the results obtained with splint alone, 2 patients with similar characteristics and treated only with Armourbite have been included in this report as well. In the studied patients, the MLS® laser therapy together with Armourbite splint represented an effective and fast treatment for TMD and in most cases the treatment was able of reestablishing the neuromuscular functions. Clinical studies are needed to confirm these preliminary observations and determine the most appropriate treatment parameters.