Dr. Steven Olmos - TMJ Expert


TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre, San Diego, California

"I'm Steve Olmos, my practice is limited to the treatment of craniofacial pain and sleep disorder breathing. The craniofacial pain is all-inclusive with temporomandibulary disorders, primary headaches, different types of neuralgias, sleep disorder breathing is inclusive of destructive sleep apnea. Our centre here in San Diego is called the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre, it is one of a number of centres that have created across the United States, Canada and New Zealand, and also at the University of Tennessee, the Craniofacial pain centre that is located there, the Dental School.
What I'd like to share with you is the history, my history of laser therapy actually photo bio- modulation. Early on I started using infrared, many years ago I evolved to different laser systems, both the combination of infrared and single wavelengths to dual wavelengths that were not synchronized, to the point where I'm happy to share with you the Mphi and Mphi5 systems, which are utilizing two different wavelengths and the combined synergy of the two is magnified because they are synchronized, and this is unique.
I have had many years of experience using these products, and treated many thousands of patients and I can tell you that I'm really impressed with the speed at which we can provide therapy.
The efficacy is very dramatic and I think that the greater surface area that these delivery systems have are far superior to anything I've used before.
We are able to treat all different types of neuritis, and neuralgias, from burning mouth syndrome to trigeminal neuralgias to Bell's palsy, so we've had good success with many different types of disorders, inclusive of the inflammatory problems of the jaw, facial muscles, neck and associated structures."

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